Barbara Nanning

‘ I am a Dutch ceramic-glass sculptor and keep my creative activity, being greatly influenced by Asian artistic culture and landscape. I combine tradition with innovation, Oriental luxury with Dutch soberness, freedom with structure,
and reason with emotion. I unite classical artisan methods with an innovative use of materials to achieve an entirely unique language of form, one which often develops in the making process, the turning of clay on the wheel
and the blowing of glass. At a later stage I process those forms by cutting and assembling them.This applies to both the ceramic and glass work. My language does not comply with the existing one, but breaks new ground and forms a universe all of its own.
Nature, both organic and inorganic, is a constant source of inspiration for me. I study multifaceted crystals, soft jellyfishes, flowers and micro-organisms built up of regular components, with a well-nigh nineteenth-century fascination with form, structure and geometry. I unite order and chaos, hard and soft, the rigid and the amorphous. “The perfect workmanship…the omission of the superfluous…the composure for doing it the right
way…are elements that I have brought back from Asia to my studio. The Asian cultivate a greater depth, a more intense concentration when making their products. Colours and forms are a true inspiration for them.’
Barbara Nanning, Winner of ART AUREA Award 2016