Ma Haijiao


Ma Haijiao, born in 1990 in Hebei Province, got undergraduate and postgraduate degree in inter-media art department, China Academy of Art. Living and working in Beijing now.

Ma Haijiao’s artworks regard images as media and concentrate on the daily track of life. Based on that, he traces the underneath clues to create photo images and artworks. Based on the poetic moment of characters and scenes, Ma haijiao’s artworks comprise of both documentary images and fiction texts from which forms his own art language.

Before Yesterday, a serial photography, composes of texts on postcards and photos taken in Netherlands. The texts on postcards are the wishes sent 15-80 years ago from a certain person who attaches specific images on them like a church or a park. In 2017, Ma reshot these images in original spots and combined them with postcard texts together. However, the images have already gone with the time. Ma’s artworks concentrate on his unique understanding of time, and this character will be mingled in his long-term project. During his travel, he will continually collect postcards and carry on his artworks.

Far Far away is a single-screen video work displaying the mist scenes in Netherlands. The voiceover of it is a family letter in Arabic. A middle-east refugee who just came to the Netherlands wrote what he saw and heard in Netherlands to his mother. Nostalgia is incised in the letter with the crush of his new foreign life. Ma mixes his emotion into the artwork. “The Crisis awareness by the wonderful things”, “The way nostalgia dominate our mind”, “The understanding of freedom”…all these questions come to every individual under the background of globalization while the creator transforms them into poetic images.

Ma Haijiao won the gold prize of Graduate Creation of China Academy of Fine Arts. He went to the national college of art in Oslo, Norway with scholarship in 2014 and attended ‘cross culture cooperation’ post-graduate student exchange program held in Hongkong and Zurich in 2015.