Shan Feida


Shan Feida, born in Shaoxing in 1991, got his bachelor degree in China Academy of Art(CAA) in 2014. He is going to continue his postgraduate education in China Academy of Art. Living and working in Hangzhou.

Student as he is, Shan Feida has become an artist. In China, most of his creations are over 2 meters, covering grand narrative themes, which expounded war and lives, with magnificent theme and details combined. If we look into his paintings during his residency in Netherlands, we may discover the green plants are seemed struggling or showing their eternal vitality, even though these are the plants by the express road, which are easy to be ignored. These plants are similar to cameos, also the boats are like floating on the plants, which makes audience radiate a sense of illusion. Occasionally, elements of the second world war of these paintings express the artist’s interpretation, thinking and attentions; and extend his understandings of the relationship between individual and group as well as history and present with his painting language.

Through the proportional relationship of his painting, where the sea level and horizon have a sense of depth visually. The work Fold was created when the artist thought the painting should be up-sided after he finished painting the roaring sea level. These pictorial effects, which are seldom seen in China, quite similar to the clouds in Netherlands, a lowland country. In the end, these clouds were kept and he painted the endless express way under such the background.

His creations have received awards from China National Fine Art Exhibition, Zhejiang Youth Art Exhibition and award of ‘New Star’.