Zhang Ya


Zhang Ya, born in 1988 in Luzhou, Sichuan Province. Living and working in Chongqing.

Zhang Ya is the only female artist in 2016 residency program. She created many ‘daily routine’ to record her life from the very first day when she arrived in the Netherlands.

The geometric patterns she created named ‘scenery’, they look like stones of which ancient Chinese artists are fond. Her artworks are the resonance of real stones, the former are her abstract dissociation of Chinese ancient paintings while the latter are her living tracks in the Netherlands and Europe. It is a dialogue across time and space.

Zhang Ya continues her art series ‘record and remember’ in the Netherlands. She keeps all the invoices, newspapers in her daily life and creates artworks with them as medias. Complex geometric figure as the symbol of her spirit and thought are attracting the eyes of audience warning them to strip the rough clothes of life and experience the inner meaning of it.

She also created a video clip of 6 minutes and 31 seconds, it is photographed by her in the Netherlands.

Zhang Ya won the honorable mention prize in Sichuan fine arts institute graduation exhibition. Her artworks have been displayed in Iceland, Spain, and Switzerland.