We curate

We represent artists and organizations to the new country and potential market they have never been. Our strength mainly focuses on the Netherlands and China but we also did projects in the US, the UK, Belgium and Germany. For example: we represented and introduced Macular Collective (Joris Strijbos, Matthijs Munnik, Nicky Assmann, Daan Johan, Eric Parren) to China and curated two very successful museum exhibitions which lead the Chinese new media art trend and got more than a million online clicks. We represented and introduced NNN (Next Nature Network) to China and curated the biggest museum show so far for this organization. We represented many excellent Chinese young artists and curated their first exhibition in Europe. We are also curating exhibitions for our own coïnitiated projects for example: ROG (Rays of Glass) for international glass artists and Studio Tronix, for mix-media creators.

We support

We support many international art biennales and events. For example: we are one of the official co-organizers of ‘Post Life’ – Beijing Media Art Biennale (BMAB 2018), hosted by Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

We give consultancy service to third parties for their international exhibitions and project strategy.