Iteration of Life is an online interactive AR exhibition based on Studio Tronix’s APP / Interactive Garden. Those are a series of AR interactive artworks born during the epidemic. It can be downloaded for free in the app of Studio Tronix, and can be exhibited and interacted at any corner of the world.

Studio Tronix thanks to all members who had been exploring the possibilities together in this very hard pandemic period: interactive designer and media art tutor Marjolijn Ruyg, curator and project leader Selena Yang, AR and software engineers Marco Christis, Stijn Kaiser, Qifan Shu 舒启帆,media designer and 3D designer Weixiao Shen 申薇笑, 3D character designer Koen Wijffelaars, UX designer Lars van de Cappelle, animation designer Nick Berjoan, media art tutor Willem van Weelden.

Studio Tronix advocates a subversive way of perceiving and experiencing the world, and encourages audiences to participate, experience, think, create and express. The process of participation is not only the process of scanning and watching, but more importantly, the process of thinking and recreating under the premise of interacting with existing works. Every viewer is also a creator, for example, everyone can create in their own real scene and to plant their own flowers and combine them into their own virtual garden. One can also use Studio Tronix’s basic AR creation tools to add other content in the space. In everyone’s design, the presentation of the final work is unique, and this blossoming flower can grow in any corner of the world, no longer limited by any realistic factors.

The work splits the familiar flowers into leaves, petals, branches and other parts through deconstruction, and matches them with some small interrelated objects to give users the maximum freedom of interactive experience. These AR objects are both familiar and unfamiliar: they not only contain the characteristics of plants, but also make people feel that they are part of some strange creatures. They constantly break people’s conventional cognition and try to escape the confinement of reality. In the exhibition, audience can enlarge and reduce them to various sizes and place them in unexpected real scenes to create their own fantasy real virtual world.

Studio Tronix is a new media creation group established in the Netherlands. The work of the group is based on the new methods and new developments in the field of applied science and technology from a collaborative perspective, and then applies the results of design, research and development in the fields of arts and culture and creative education. The creative philosophy of Studio Tronix is not only based on synergy, but also pursues the goal of cross-border interaction and common development, which also represents the future direction of art education concepts and creative applications. Studio Tronix is co-initiated and supported by Oooit Art.