“Action Potential” is presented in the 2023 Chengdu Biennale from 16 July to 22 November 2023.

In this art installation “Action Potential”, light sequences represent nerve impulses, which are the connections of information transmitted through the body. This work is influenced by the historical influence of glass in scientific innovation and by the role of electricity in restimulating neural pathways. The sculpture combines the inert and insulating properties of glass with the conductive properties of copper, used in certain electrical interfaces to enhance and enhance the function of the body. The light emitted by the work is dynamic – the viewer is invited to approach the sculpture and activate the light path. The work was created by the artist in collaboration with technicians Jeremy Keenan and Devereux & Huskie glassworks, and has been presented on display at the Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience, University of London.

British artist Jenny Walsh (1965, Cambridge, the UK), starting from the aesthetic qualities of glass, recognizes its material properties and the important role this material plays in supporting scientific innovation. She collaborates with scientists and engineers to create interactive and visually attractive sculptures and installations. Sometimes scientific data drives artistic results, and sometimes scientific aesthetics inspires. She has a keen interest in neurons, which are the fundamental building blocks of the nervous system, and in particular their interactions. Using glass, copper, and electronic lighting, the artist employs traditional glass techniques to create a series of freestanding sculptures that reflect the form of neurons.

“Time Gravity – 2023 Chengdu Biennale”, guided by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcast-TV, and Tourism and organized by the Chengdu Art Museum from 16 July to 22 Nov 2023. Spanning two landmark art museums with a total area of over 70,000 sqm, the exhibition showcases 476 artworks by 235 artists from 22 countries and regions. Fan Di’an, Chairman of China Artists Association, is the Academic Committee Director, Wang Shaoqiang, Director of Guangdong Museum of Art, is the Chief Curator, and Lu Peng, art historian, serves as the Artistic Director. Curators team including Wu Hongliang, President of Beijing Fine Art Academy; Zhang Zikang, Director of CAFA Art Museum, etc. International curators include Philip Dodd, former President of the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London, and Philipp Ziegler, Head of the Curatorial Department at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.