Solo Exhibition of Zhao Yu 赵宇

This is an online exhibition on our page at Artsy. Works are available for collection.
Exhibition Period: 22 Feb – 21 Apr 2023

In the exhibition Endless Game, familiar visual images and objects are abstracted playfully, so conventional visual experiences are challenged to form new perceptual experiences. When history fades its thick and heavy colors, it is recorded as monochrome images and marble sculptures, and the events and memories behind it are also sealed. And these substances become the carrier of “memory traces”, which are the traces left by any event that affects living things. The memory of the public is like quicksand, although it has not been deliberately carved, it leaves traces everywhere. As a producer of images, Zhao Yu’s creative experience includes collecting, categorizing, breaking and shaping these symbolic images and pictures. Deconstructed sculptures, rotating light balls, texture of collage and physicality of explosion are intertwined and hidden in the seemingly natural and blurred background. Zhao Yu’s creative process is not so much drawing as shaping, which is more appropriate. Influenced by Warburg’s iconography, each image has its own unique reference to collective sentiment, victory and conflict.

Zhao Yu was born in Yunnan province, China in 1993. He obtained his master of Fine arts degree from Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Art Academy. In 2018, his won the third prize of “Asopala Art Star” and the Excellence Award in the 14th annual graduate exhibition of Sichuan Fine Art Academy. In 2019, he participated in Oooit Art international residency project in the Netherlands.