A specially curated Exhibition “Radiant Improvisation” opens at 2024 NN North Sea Jazz Art – Oooit Art Booth 10, 12-14 July 2024, Rotterdam Ahoy, the Netherlands

“Radiant Improvisation” is a captivating fusion of light, colour, and melody. The presentation will feature Barbara Nanning’s fluorescent glass sculptures, Jiang Wei’s emotional oil paintings, and Zhai Xuanhong’s backlit oil paintings.

Barbara Nanning is one of the most important glass artists in the Netherlands, and her works are collected by 67 major museums worldwide. Her glass works use special materials and techniques, often featuring vibrant colours. These beautifully dynamic pieces start from circular forms and develop into various highly dynamic organic shapes, with the interiors of the glass teeming with vitality. Her inspirations are diverse, including natural elements like crystals, jellyfish, flowers, and microorganisms, as well as cultural influences from around the world.

Jiang Wei’s creative process is driven by his intense emotional expression needs. The strong colours, bursting emotions, bold brushstrokes, and rhythmic lines in his paintings evoke the master Van Gogh. The light trajectories expressed through colour and lines imbue his plant imagery with heliotropic quality – a primal force of life. These images reflect the artist’s psychological state during his struggle with schizophrenia—a journey marked by pain, frustration, and perseverance.

Zhai Xuanhong’s backlit oil paintings represent an innovative fusion of traditional oil painting techniques with modern lighting technology. He creates a mesmerizing visual experience that changes with ambient light. His approach challenges the boundaries of traditional painting, inviting viewers to interact with art in a novel and dynamic way. His use of backlighting technology adds a new dimension to his oil paintings, highlighting subtle details that are otherwise hard to perceive, and enhancing depth and dynamism.