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Project & Exhibition “The Delta of Memory” – Dong He, Du Rongkun, Jiang Xiaran, Li Rui, Liu Jianming, Ma Haijiao, Zhai Xuanhong, Zhang Ya, Zhang Zhaoying, Zhao Yu, Zheng Xiaolong

Artists: Dong He 董鹤, Du Rongkun 杜荣坤,Jiang Xiaran 江夏然, Li Rui 李瑞, Liu Jianming 刘建明, Ma Haijiao 马海蛟, Zhai Xuanhong 翟轩宏, Zhang Ya 张亚, Zhang Zhaoying 张钊瀛, Zhao Yu 赵宇Zheng Xiaolong 郑龙一海

Curator: Selena Yang
Venue: SVB Bank (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) Art Space
Address: Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 1, Amstelveen, the Netherlands
Exhibition Period: 7 March 2019 to 9 May 2019

Since 2016, with the support from the Amstelveen City and Museum JAN, we have invited in total 14 Chinese artists and 1 curator to visit Netherlands and to have their residency and exchange program in the Netherlands. Amstelveen, the city that is lovely and beautiful, very strategically located, with mixed culture, having open minded citizen, with dynamic economy, became the window for the artists to see Netherlands.

All the weeks that they were staying and working in Amstelveen became the wonderful and unforgettable part of their art career and their life. So much happened in their ‘life on another side of the world’ here in Amstelveen, they felt the spirit that are in common with them and they felt the difference that encourage them to think. They learned to look back to their hometown and homeland from another perspective and they discovered themselves in the new context. All the old memories, new inspirations, current experiments, and future wishes became those drops in the paint. The art works from them just like the delta of the memory. These are the interpretation of their life of past, of current and of future. Their works including paintings on canvas, mixed media, sculptures, installations, works on paper etc. All those artworks are extension of artists’ researches mixed with the enlightenment and inspiration they got in the Netherlands.