Solo Exhibition of Xiao Tai 萧泰

This is an online exhibition on our page at Artsy. Works are available for collection.
Exhibition Period: 8 Aug – 7 Oct 2023.

The eight glass sculptures of Xiao Tai show the magical process of glass materials being melted, twisted, stretched and broken, which brings us rich visual and inner feelings. At the same time, it also shows Xiao’s ongoing experiment of breaking through the traditional modeling and technical boundaries of glass, that is, using glass materials to reconstruct the way of communication with the material world, giving life to glass to let it grow naturally, thus promoting a new relationship between artworks and nature, materials and technology.

Xiao usually uses casting and fusion technology in his creation, but he often casts his works freely without the help of molds, in order to make the shape, texture and interior of materials change more spontaneously. The autonomy of materials has become the characteristic of works, and the creator has turned into a listener, thus breaking the universal formal rules of art. At the same time, because his works may be completed in a certain firing process or continue to grow in the next stage, his works are full of uncertainty, just like the essence of life and the universe. His glass works are not “seen” in essence, but “perceived”.

In a truly free working atmosphere, the charm of materials lies in making you contact with them, sometimes competing with them, and sometimes discussing with them. Materials are alive. Xiao called his glass creation process “Constructive Growth”: creating works that grow with materials.

Xiao Tai, born in 1970, holds a Master of Arts in Art & Design from the Fine Arts College at Shanghai University, and Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from East China Normal University. He has earned the prestigious title of China National Glass Art Maestro and is the founder of the glass studio at Shanghai Polytechnic University. Currently, he serves as a professor of art and design and council member of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association.