Solo Exhibition of Li Zhenning 李振宁

This is an online exhibition on our page at Artsy. Works are available for collection.
Exhibition Period: 22 Apr – 21 Jun 2023

Exhibition Fable presents Li Zhenning’s art works that were inspired by the Dunhuang frescoes, especially those in the early period such as the Northern Wei Dynasty (386 to 534 AD), they are very similar and advocate common features. Zhenning created them with a dreamy and absurd expression, the character has a pair of bulged, bright and transparent eyes, which are in sharp contrast to the rough texture of other body parts; the expressions of the characters are changeable and their gestures are stiff and rigid; their bodies are exaggerated and sturdy and the figures look empty and blank, showing the contradictory relationship between people’s material life and mental state through the embodiment of various contradictory commonalities.

Li Zhenning’s glass sculptures are mainly created using relatively traditional lost-wax casting techniques. During the production process, multiple firing methods are used to control the color and texture of the works, and repeated deliberation and thinking are carried out in the process. It enables dialogue and sublimation with traditional techniques and contemporary ideas. In the end, the work uses strong colors and dynamic abstract shapes, rich textures, ribbons and small fragments to make the sculpture full of dynamic decoration, and gradually turns to figurative expression. In his view, concrete forms can better express thinking about social and life issues. The themes of the works generally originate from myths and legends and history, reconfigure current events, characters, behaviors, ideas, etc., and transform them into thought-provoking and philosophical things through their own artistic treatment, forming fantasy and timeless works and creating unlimited dramatic scenes.

Li Zhenning (born in 1983), obtained BA and MA degree in glass from Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University.