Solo Exhibition of Du Rongkun 杜荣坤

This is an online exhibition on our page at Artsy. Works are available for collection.
Exhibition Period: 16 Apr – 18 Jun 2024.

Du’s works are a game of intertwining reality and virtualization, where the virtual becomes real and the real becomes virtual. His compositions often feature engaging scenes with a touch of realistic narrative, introducing unexpected lines or symbols of mechanical and fictional characters to disrupt the narrative flow. Occasionally, he even uses triangular canvases to directly conceal certain images, breaking the visual coherence and creating a sense of imagined reality. This interplay between the virtual and the real generates conflicts within the story, allowing the plot to dynamically unfold.

In these artworks, the term “GAME” carries dual meanings, infused with both wit and humor, yet also straightforwardly depicted as a sports game. These visually perplexing, illogical figures engaged in physical activities find themselves situated within surreal settings that possess both a three-dimensional spatial quality and a pronounced industrial aesthetic. This stark contrast and theatricality give rise to a unique “GAME” experience, accompanied by parallel narrative timelines, allowing for infinite narrative extensions.

Born in 1983 in Quanzhou, Fujian, Du currently works in Fuzhou. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts College at Fujian Normal University. He has received awards such as the Bronze Prize at the 2014 Nanjing International Art Exhibition, the John Moore Painting Prize in 2014, the 6th New Star Annual Newcomer Award in 2015, and was selected for the Oooit International Residency Program in the Netherlands in 2018.