Project & Exhibition “Listen to the Light in the World of Glass” – Bernard Heesen, Tomas Hillebrand, Krista Israel, Li Jing, Barbara Nanning, Peng Yi, Jens Pfeifer, Judith Roux, Jenny Walsh, Wu Hao, Xiao Tai, Zhuang Jia, Zheng Wenqing, etc

Artists: Bernard Heesen, Tomas Hillebrand, Krista Israel, Li Jing 李静, Barbara Nanning, Peng Yi 彭怡, Jens Pfeifer, Judith Roux, Jenny Walsh, Wu Hao 吴昊, Xiao Tai 萧泰, Zhuang Jia 庄稼,Zheng Wenqing 郑闻卿 etc.

An international collaboration of ROG (Rays of Glss) international art project.
Exhibition period: from 28 Aug to 28 Nov 2022
Venue: Baoku Jiangxin Art Center
Address: 38F Shanghai Tower, 501 Mid Yincheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai

On the occasion of the UN International Year of Glass, the exhibition “Listen to the Light in the World of Glass”, Baoku Jiangxin Art Center presents an immersive world of glass in Shanghai’s cultural highland, inspiring the public to listen to the “echo” of glass and enjoy art with aesthetic appreciations. This exhibition invites over 20 Chinese and international glass artists and presents more than 50 art works.

As one of the most important man-made materials in the ancient world, glass has witnessed the exchanges and mutual learning of Asia, Europe and Africa in various aspects such as craftsmanship, folk culture, material trade, artistic aesthetics, etc. Glass is bizarre, a product of pure sand and dust, neither solid nor liquid, and is often described as the “fourth form of matter”. Its illusory temperament has almost infinite plasticity. Glass art is a material and spiritual shaping process that smelts time, space, light, matter and other elements together. In modern glass art, what we perceive is not only an aesthetic appearance, we see movement, tension, development, living forms – illusions of multidimensional time in flow.

This exhibition not only brings together a series of themed works from the influential Chinese glass artists, but also cooperates with the ROG International Art Project to display wonderful creations from important European artists. The practice of glass art creation is moving towards various forms. The rapid development of cross-media experiment provides new opportunities for tradition activation and contemporary creation. In addition to the show in museum space, this exhibition also sets up a special presentation in Banmu Garden, the highest indoor garden in the world, with the theme of “Moment of Light” and pays tribute to Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photography theory “Decisive Moment” and the idea of glass master Stenislav Lipinski’s “Glass as vessel of light”.