Project & Exhibition “Reflect Through” – Anna Gray, Bernard Heesen, Tomas Hillebrand, Krista Israel, Luo Xiaoshu, Judith Roux, Wang Yuhong, Zhuang Jia

Artists: Anna Gray, Bernard Heesen, Tomas Hillebrand, Krista Israel, Luo Xiaoshu 罗晓戍,Judith Roux, Wang Yuhong 王宇红, Zhuang Jia 庄稼
An international collaboration of ROG (Rays of Glass) international art project.
Exhibition period: September 15 – 25th, 2022
Venue: CHAxART Amsterdam
Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 78, Amsterdam

The year 2022 is designated by the UN as the International Year of Glass, dedicated to exploring the traditional, sustainable, and innovative value of glass combined with technology. For this reason, ROG International Art Project has curated a series of glass exhibitions including ‘Reflect Through’. The exhibition features 15 pieces of representative works from in total 8 Chinese and Dutch artists, spotlighting the artistic value of glass and its materiality that carries different dialogues and connects history with contemporaneity.

Glass is one of the oldest arts ever employed by artisans and artists, assisted by technology and of course, imagination. Its concrete yet mysterious beauty swims in century-old memories and spreads itself in the minds of those who experience time at its ebb and flow, its mundane stops and its eternal departure.

Each artist’s unique perspective gives this random, amorphous, solid matter a natural flow, melted away and into shifting textures that are then condensed in different forms. The dreamy look of each, both in process and as a result, carries affective, imaginative energy of its maker beyond what technology alone can ever convey. Each piece is an organic embodiment of personal thought and feeling, implying at the same time a historical context in which this matter-as-medium has beheld generations of aesthetic pursuit and become itself a social expression firm and flexible.