International artists in residence

Oooit Art's international residency program started in 2016, and has invited many excellent Chinese artists to the Netherlands and Dutch artists to China. The project has been collaborating with many institutions, such as: New Star Art Award, Museum JAN, Amstelveen city, and also has received strong support from many art academies, curators, institutions, galleries, commercial companies, etc.

Artists believe that these programs have given them multicultural experience and international development opportunities, and believe that this residency will have a great impact on their future artistic creation. In this project, artists not only have the opportunity to work and exhibit, but also have the opportunity to meet local peers, visit famous art venues, and participate in cultural activities.

Some of the residency artworks are available in the online gallery. They are available for collection or exhibition. Any institutional or individual support would encourage us to continue this wonderful project and make it even better.