International artists in residence

Since 2016, the Oooit international residency program has invited 14 Chinese artists and 1 Chinese art curator for a residency program in the Netherlands and 5 Dutch artists for a residency program in China. These artists have won many art prices in their country and were recommended and selected by the Oooit Residency Project Committee which are formed up by international curators, art masters, museums, educators.

The artists acknowledged this program as a valuable experience and international career opportunity and expected a huge impact on their future artwork creation. During this program, artists not only got space to work but also had chance to meet local colleagues, visit lots of famous art venues, communicate with masters in person, take art tours, attend cultural activities. As a result of each residency period, a series of gallery exhibitions, museum exhibitions, public space exhibitions were arranged.

From 2016 to 2018, together with Amstelveen Municipality and Museum JAN, we initiated Amstelveen International Art Residency program, where excellent art works were created in Amstelveen art studios and deep culture exchange between international artists were made.

Some of the residency art works are available in the Online Gallery. They are available for collection or gallery presentation. Any support would encourage us to continue this wonderful project and make the program even better.