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Our main geographic focus is Europe and China. We have our own office in China and organize a lot of crossborder activities. See in the menu below "projects" to get an impression.

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Workshops, Courses and Symposiums

Oooit workshops and short-term courses are designed for international art business professionals, artists and art students both in Netherlands and in China. We currently provide the following workshops and short-term courses: Artist as a profession Museum international development strategy Art Finance and Art Collection Art History Oooit also organizes international lectures and symposiums on location (Art academies,…

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Project & Exhibition “Young Chinese Artists” – Jiang Xiaran, Li Rui, Liu Jianming, Ma Haijiao, Shan Feida,Zhai Xuanhong, Zhang Ya, Zhang Zhaoying,Zhou Hang

Artists: Jiang Xiaran 江夏然, Li Rui 李瑞, Liu Jianming 刘建明, Ma Haijiao 马海蛟, Shan Feida 单飞达,Zhai Xuanhong 翟轩宏, Zhang Ya 张亚, Zhang Zhaoying 张钊瀛,Zhou Hang 周行 Curated by: Selena YangExhibition Period: 17 January 2017 to 26 February 2017Venue: Jan van der Togt MuseumAddress: Dorpsstraat 50, Amstelveen, the NetherlandsThe exhibition is a collaboration between Oooit Art,…

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Exhibition “Color Matters” – Stefan Annerel and Sang Huoyao

Artists: Stefan Annerel and Sang Huoyao 桑火尧 Curator: Hutch WilcoExhibition Venue: Epoch Art MuseumAddress: Block 4, Bai Lu Zhou Park, Wen Zhou, ChinaExhibition Period: 4 Sep 2016 – 21 Oct 2016Supported by: Embassy and Consulate of Belgium in China, Oooit Art The Matter of Color: The work of Sang Huoyao and Stefan Annerel. The Flemish…

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Exhibition “Things are not always as they seem” – Tomas Hillebrand and Stefan Annerel

Artists: Tomas Hillebrand and Stefan Annerel Exhibition Period: 10 Jan 2016 – 5 Feb 2016Venue: Beijing Zhong GalleryAddress: Unit 118 Beijing Kerry Center, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, ChinaSupported by: Oooit Art, Dutch Culture and Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands

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Exhibition “Red on Black” – Ma Hui

Solo exhibition of Ma Hui 马蕙 Exhibition: ‘Red on Black – Between two worlds’Curators: Gao Yi, Selena YangExhibition Period: 9 Jan – 16 Jan 2016Exhibition Venue: Beijing Times Art MuseumAddress: F36 D Block CITIC Plaza, No.6A Jianwai Rd,. Changyang District, Beijing, ChinaSupported by: Dutch Culture, Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, Oooit Art, Amstelveen Municipality…

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Exhibition “Visual Essay – Retrospective” – Paul Huf

Retrospective exhibition of Paul Huf (14 March 1924 – 9 January 2002) Curators: Selena Yang, Liu LeiExhibition Period: 8 May 2015 to 7 June 2015Venue: Wuhan Art MuseumAddress: No.2 Baohua Street, Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan, ChinaPart of the museum exchange programme between Wuhan Art Museum and Jan van der Togt Museum.Co-organized by: Oooit ArtSupported by: Dutch…

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Exhibition “Li Jikai” – Li Jikai

Solo exhibition of Li Jikai 李继开With his new poem book launching. Curated by: Selena YangExhibition Period: 11 Dec 2014 to 1 Feb 2015Venue: Jan van der Togt MuseumAddress: Dorpstraat 50, Amstelveen, the Netherlands.Special opened by Michiel Bicker Caarten, co-founder of BNR News Radio and writer, and Mirjam van ‘t Veld, mayor of AmstelveenPart of the…

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Exhibition “Oppressive Fairytales” – Li Jikai, Jin Nv, Gook Im

Exhibition “Oppressive Fairytales” – Li Jikai 李继开, Jin Nv 金钕, Gook ImCurators: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraVenue: Canvas International Art, AmsterdamPeriod: 2 March to 5 April 2013Supported by: Oooit Art

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Exhibition “Present – Perfect – Tence” – Jiao Xingtao

Solo exhibition of Jiao Xingtao 焦兴涛 Exhibition Period: 21 Sep 2012 – 10 Jan 2013Curated by Michel D. Lee, Director and curator of Museum of East Asian ArtVenue: Museum of East Asian Art and Public Spaces in Bath City, UKAddress: 12 Bennett Street, Bath BA1 2QJ, UKSupported by: Oooit Art, Canvas International ArtAcknowledgment: Tomorrow Culture…

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Exhibition “Collective.Memory” – TAMEN (Yang Xiaogang, Lai Shengyu) , UNMASK (Liu Zhan, Kuang Jun and Tian Tianwei)

Duo Exhibition “Collective.Memory” – TAMEN (Yang Xiaogang, Lai Shengyu 杨晓钢,赖圣予 ) , UNMASK (Liu Zhan, Kuang Jun and Tian Tianwei 刘展、匡峻、谭天炜 ) Curators: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraVenue: Canvas International Art, AmsterdamPeriod: 29 June – 30 July 2012Supported by: Oooit Art

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Exhibition “Gift From Paradise” – Jiao Xingtao

“Gift From Paradise” is a sculpture art work created by Chinese artist Jiao Xingtao 焦兴涛. This work measures 235cm by 225 cm by 178cm, and made from painted fiberglass. This work is presented in the exhibition “The Hague Under Heaven – Contemporary sculpture from China” from 6 June to 11 Sep 2011. Exhibition location: outdoor…

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Exhibition “Wrapped Desires” – Jiao Xingtao

“Wrapped Desires” – Solo exhibition of Jiao Xingtao 焦兴涛Curator: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraVenue: Canvas International Art, AmsterdamExhibition Period: 11 Dec 2010 – 8 Jan 2011Supported by: Oooit Art I think that Jiao Xingtao’s work is not just about looking at waste from an ecological and environmental perspective. He emphasizes looking at the issue from…

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Exhibition “Imprisoned” – Luo Jie

Solo Exhibition of Luo Jie 罗杰 and limited prints publication. First Venue: Canvas International Art, Amstelveen, the Netherlands, 2008;Second Venue: Lococo Fine Art, St. Louis, the US, 2009 Curators: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraSupported by: Oooit Art The first thing that strikes one when looking at Luo Jie’s work are the black and white painted…

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Exhibition “Walking Alone” – Li Jikai

Solo exhibition of Li Jikai 李继开 Curators: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraVenue: Canvas International ArtExhibition Period: 8 March 2008 to 26 April 2008Supported by: Oooit Art The campus of Sichuan Academy in Chongqing is surrounded by residential blocks adorned with an abundance of colorful paintings. The two constantly smoking stacks of the adjacent large power…

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Exhibition “China Now Now II” – TAMEN, Liu Ke, Liu Zheng, Li Changlong, Hua Qing

Artists: TAMEN  (Yang Xiaogang, Lai Shengyu 杨晓钢,赖圣予 ),Liu Ke 刘可,Liu Zheng 刘峥, Li Changlong 李昌龙,Hua Qing 华庆 China Now Now: Reckoning with a new generation Part IICurated by: Selena Yang and Martijn KielstraExhibition Period: 2008 – 2009Venue: Canvas International Art, Pan Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam, Art Amsterdam etc. Supported by: Oooit Art See also exhibition China Now…

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