The Background of Amstelveen International Art Exchange Programme


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In the early 17th century, the Netherlands has arrived in the golden age of art. Since then all these distinguished Dutch artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Hals, Van Gogh, Mondriaan have incised a letter in the art history. The modern Netherlands also takes the lead around the world in the filed of art, art education, design and creativity industry. As one of the nine pillar industries in the Netherlands , arts industry  is supported by governmental and individual funds and organizations with a mature and developed industrial chain. The Rubber Duck by Florentijn Hofman and Miffy by Dick Bruna which are popular in China  are born in the Netherlands.

With about 1000 museums, the Netherlands bears the highest museum density. The Amsterdam’s museum square with Rijksmuseum (National Museum), Van Gogh Museum, and Amsterdam Stedelijk (Municipal) Museum attracted worldwide art lovers to visit. The city Rotterdam which is 70 miles south to Amsterdam is the paradise for new media, pioneer art, and architects and designers.

As a pilot project of the international art exchange program, the Amstelveen international art residency program base is in the center of Amstelveen city. The base is 8 kilometers away from the Amsterdam’s museum square. Amstel, which means a water area in ancient Dutch, is a name of 31 kilos river running through Amsterdam to IJ bay. As early as 13th century, Amsterdam was a small fishing village. When it was qualified for city, all nearby towns got their names from the river Amstel like Amstelveen. People nowadays can enjoy the beer named after Amstel since 1871.

The modern Amstelveen city, which belongs to Amsterdam city group, is an international city with people from over 113 countries work and live here. It is the headquarter of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and accounting firm KPMG while it is adjacent to Amsterdam international business district, and next to Amsterdam international airport.

There are two museums around the international artist residency studio – Jan van der Togt museum and Cobra Museum. Amstelveen annually hosts international cultural activities which has successfully attracted visitors all over the world. With the prospect of advocating international cultural exchange, the government attaches great importance to international culture-exchange program and supports international resident program through providing high-quality studios for international artists. The government also sets this artist residency studio as a visit spot to initiate exhibition and culture-exchange activities there. Three 50 square-meter light and spacious rooms are reserved for resident artists.

Each international resident program lasts for 3 months. In 2016, this program invited 9 growing outstanding young Chinese artists awarded with important honors such as ‘New Star’ award. Selected artistic works will be exhibited in Jan van der Togt art museum from Jan to Feb 2017.

Jan van der Togt art museum is one of the most distinguished museums in Amstelveen which was named after Jan van der Togt (1905-1995). Because of  his generous donation and promotion, Jan van der Togt art museum was eventually opened to public in 1991.

Sponsored by the local government, banks and huge consortiums, Jan van der Togt art museum hosts exhibitions annually for Dutch artists and international artists such as Karel Appel, Corneille, Sam Francis, Arne Jacobsen and Robert Combas . The total area of exhibition hall is 1200 square meters with some permanent collection including abstract expressionism art works by Sam Francis and Agam, sculptures by Zadkine, Dzamonja and Verschoor, special modern glass art collection by Cigler, Libensky and Vasicek. The other 5 halls are set for temporary exhibition.

Jan van der Togt art museum has cooperated with Wuhan (China) Art Museum to curate the solo exhibition of Chinese artist Li Jikai with launching of his poetry in 2014, and the exhibition of the important Dutch photographer Paul Huf in 2015 including over 100 precious photos, related documents and documentaries. Paul Huf (1924-2002) is a well-known Dutch photographer and one of FOAM Photography Museum founders who tried to introduce World Photo Press to China on his early age. Based on his name, FOAM awarded talented artists from 2007.

As one of the program initiators, Oooit Art Consultancy not only supports international resident program but also organize communication activities for both international and Dutch artists as well as promoting the development of international business and building a communication network for participated artists. Oooit Art Consultancy has been consistently promoting art and cultural exchange between east and west since Jan 2007 when it was founded. Through years of cooperation with art institutions, art museums and art schools all over China and Europe especially in the Netherlands, Oooit Art Consultancy gives supports to artists by organizing art exhibitions, International residency programs, art seminars and art education etc.