In 2016, the international resident program invited 9 growing outstanding young Chinese artists awarded with important honors such as ‘New star’ award for three-month residency. Selected art works are exhibited in Jan van der Togt art museum from Jan to Feb 2017 as ‘Young Chinese Artists’.

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All those artworks are extension of artists’ researches mixed with the enlightenment and inspiration they get in Netherlands. The Chinese artists acknowledge this program as a valuable experience and international career opportunities and it will have an impact on their future artwork creation.

During this program, artists have chance to visits lots of famous art venues. Artists got chance to communicate with art maestros in Netherlands in person to exchange the ideas. Our program arranged extra tours and activities with volunteers.

Our program arranged art tour to Belgium and Germany including visiting the museums and galleries. Artists also had chance to have a dinner with international resident artists in Germany to exchange program feelings and to establish friendship with artists  from all over the world.

Our program focuses on cultivating artists’ independent thinking ability, social communication ability, English expression, and cross-cultural understanding ability. During residency, daily life communication and art visiting tour are supported by Chinese-speaking assistants and Dutch volunteers. That helps artists to express themselves in English dimension. After three-month residency, artists can communicate with other people and express own thoughts to art and art works in English. Artists may have chance to develop international career within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.